by Lehleitner

I am Lehleitner-

The most important thing to know about me is that I love God. Born and raised in the mid-west- having spent the majority of my life in punk and progressive rock bands - living my life like a rock 'n roll cliche' I began looking for something different. Something I found in Christ- I am a recovering drug-addict and alcoholic- I attribute my sobriety to my relationship with God- I began to write music that reflected my transformation- "Tear Down Your Idols" was born from letting go of the life I knew to a life of the unknown- Then I fell off for a bit- I met my wife, got married, settled down and welcomed my daughter to the world. I started hearing new songs and frantically began to write and record them. Listening closely to the spirit, I did my best to capture most of what I was hearing in my head- This process became "Remnant". I am currently in the machinations of bringing this collection of songs to stage- as well as continuing the pursuit of Christ thru song. 

From Resound Fest 2017

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With Awaken Revival 

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